Friday, July 04, 2008

Contacts, cooking and evening do.

1. I have been Postcrossing again -- I like getting an email saying my card has arrived, particularly if the person adds a little note about the card.

2. I have always wanted to try serving gooseberries with mackerel -- so I did. I made a Medieval-looking mess of onion, gooseberries (which go interestingly opaque as they cook) and breadcrumbs fried in butter. This, while still warm, I squidged between the two halves of mackerel fillets. The instructions said to secure them with cocktail sticks, but as it also said to use rhubarb instead of gooseberries I felt safe ignoring this. I jammed the lot into a dish lined with greaseproof paper and made a parcel. I baked it at 200C while I had a shower and dressed. It was messy, but good -- oily fish and sharp fruit are a brilliant combination. Next time, I would toast the crumbs, and maybe butter the paper -- or I'd use a dish with a lid.

3. At Sarah Salway's Soiree I meet people I don't know, but who know me through 3BT. It is interesting to see how much I give away in these little snippets. People are most intrigued by Nick: one lady had been interested enough to go right back to read the whole story. She said she wasn't a stalker, she just had a crush on me, which made me feel very appreciated. So long as no-one starts writing peculiar fanfic* based on 3BT, I'm just going to enjoy the love.

I read a piece -- a selection of beautiful things about classes and courses. I felt a bit shy because everyone else was reading works-in-progress, short stories and poetry. Then I thought that actually, 3BT is a work-in-progress. I am starting to draw on it more and more for projects.

* This link goes to a sensible Wikipedia article that will not make you want to put your brain in the washing machine. Please do not Google this term if you are of a sensitive disposition.