Sunday, August 30, 2009

Unsung heroine, tea and in front of the telly.

1. At an exhibition about the Bloomsbury Group's Omega Workshop, the Courtauld Gallery displays some prints by Winifred Gill. I'm charmed and smitten. I feel like Alice when she swallows the contents of the drink-me bottle: the small images remind me all at once of several things I like: Samuel Palmer's black and white landscapes, scherenschnitte and book illustrations. One of them makes me feel as if I am peeping into someone's office through a crack in the door. This linocut on paper called Olives. It's in the exhibition, on loan from Dr Margaret Bennett.

2. We take tea at the Courtauld Gallery and have both scones and cake -- which amuses the manager very much, because both are enormous. My cake makes me hiccup lavender for the rest of the day. The scones are large and freshly crusty, full of caramelised raisins; and they send out a whole jar of strawberry jam.

3. Just once in a while, to have supper on a tray in front of the television.