Saturday, September 08, 2012

Lucky late, sleek and painting.

1. The delivery driver comes late, lucky for us because I forgot to put last week's boxes out for him.

2. "Do you want it dried with some body, or smooth and sleek?" asks the hairdresser. I ask for body, but then I remember that my hair pretty much dries itself with body; and that sleek is not something I can achieve on my own.
"Actually, can I have it sleek?" On the way home I run into Alec on a nursery outing. He doesn't seem to recognise me (or perhaps he was studiously ignoring me because Mummy does not belong at nursery).

3. To sit on the doorstep (it's a hot day) and sand and prime a pair of little chairs for Alec. Nick will paint the top coat at the weekend.