Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Let's go, swinging and writing an essay.

1. I love those Mondays when everything has been made ready the night before. The moment I am sure Alec isn't going to take a nap, we put our shoes on, load up the backpack and leave for the station.

2. While Tim pushes Alec on the swing, I lie back on the grass and watch thin wracks of cloud passing overhead. I don't have long, but it is deeply relaxing. Thanks Tim, I really needed that.

3. To bash out the essay for the science fiction and fantasy course. We're reading Herland and A Princess of Mars this week. I find a topic I feel strongly about, and the arguments leap out of the text. I had thought I wasn't reading thoroughly enough in the snatched moments and late nights available to me, but more had gone in than I supposed.