Saturday, September 01, 2012

Let's have lunch now, attachment parenting and possibly a dog.

1.  I let go of the idea that we cannot start lunch until after noon. It just seemed wrong before -- but suddenly  today, it seemed less wrong than the alternatives: making my poor wilting toddler wait an arbitrary half an hour or giving him a snack that would fill him up before lunch.

2. The mother in front of me in the queue at the new green grocers has her toddler in a sling carry that I've never seen before. I ask her about it, and while we are chatting her little boy asks to nurse, so she pops him on. It's just the sort of quick slurp that Alec likes to take from time to time.

3. Alec's key person hands me some of his artwork. "I think it's a dog," she says, turning it round.