Monday, September 10, 2012

Interactive, slow help and paintwork.

1. We have to pretend to eat all the food in this book; and to pick bugs out of the monster's hair in that book.

2. To not be in a hurry. When I'm rushing, I don't want any 'help' but when there is all the time in the world, I love to give Alec tasks like measuring seeds into the bread mix, or putting muffin cases in the tin. Afterwards, I stand him on the worktop so he can look down into the bread machine and see the dough forming.

3. I examine the little chairs drying in the sun and think that Nick has done a pretty good job: a few wobbles, but better than I would have managed. Then he comes back with a fistful of whisker-thin paintbrushes. The next time I go out, the paintwork is flawless and Nick is looking very proud of himself.