Tuesday, January 01, 2013

Go away, peep-o and early bed.

Happy new year, everyone. Let 2013 be full of wonder and small joys.

1. Nick takes a grumpy Alec downstairs to give him the breakfast he has been asking for since the small hours (he'd been waking up from dreams about "more ice cream" and "more cake" and asking for cereal). I snuggle back down under the covers for a bit of catch-up sleep.

2. Alec and Baby Loey playing peep-o across the lunch table. And it is such a pleasure to spend a few hours with another mother and toddler on a wet, wet day.

3. We've had a succession of drawn-out bedtimes. Today Alec announces after his bath: "Big fella yawning". He goes down so easily that Nick and I get an evening together. We watch the Dr Who Christmas Special -- whenever it comes up in conversation, we've been chorusing "Don't spoil it, don't spoil it" and we've felt very left out of all the talk about snowmen.