Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Timing, message and on the sofa.

1. My nightly pregnancy insomnia coincides with Alec's spectacularly wet nappy (he's been dry through the night for some weeks now).

2. A cheering and affectionate text from Nick.

3. I put In The Night Garden on to gain some space and time to make supper. "Toast dip-dip on sofa?" Alec wants to know.
I remember that the last time we watched Night Garden we naughtily ate our (only slightly less naughty) supper of French toast and maple syrup in the front room with the TV on. It was some time ago, and I'm impressed that he remembered. "It's not French toast tonight," I tell Alec "we're having fish fingers."
"Lish lingers on sofa?"
I can think of no particular reason to say no -- he did very well with the maple syrup last time.