Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Ducky, no go and din-in-in-inner.

1. There were seagulls in the lake, so we fed them as well as the ducks. They were sitting on a slab of ice, and when we threw bread out, they flew up and grabbed it before it landed, which was a bit unfair on the ducks. Although from the leisurely way they swam towards our crumbs, I imagine that they are so well fed they can hardly float.

2. There are so many awful, awful things about commuting. But today one of the good things happened. The awfulness was so awful that there was no commuting. Fenella and Andy got to stay at home, which meant we could all go to the pub at 6pm. Yay.

3. Doing dinner for an elastic number of people. I get so excited when people bring extras, turn up early and turn up late so I have to be creative.

Bonus beautiful thing to celebrate PaulV's birthday - Finding a Boney M album in a secondhand music shop. Where we overheard this: 'Have you checked the alley? Those hiphop people love that alley. So long as they've got an alley they're happy.'