Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Snooze, fame and confection.

1. Having a kip between breakfast and leaving for work.

2. Chris' story of how when he was 14 he met up with Jonathan King - who has just walked out of Maidstone jail after doing three years for messing around with young boys - for a chat about DJing. They went for a drive in the pop mogul's brown Rolls - stopping at Harrods to pick up a turkey. Nothing happened although King did ask Chris to fill out a form detailing his tastes in pop music and his sexuality. Looking back, Chris thinks this might have been a bit odd. Apart from that, he has nothing but praise for the pundit. And a few years later, Chris met up with King again. This time he took along a friend and a demo tape, which the great man didn't like.

3. Chocolate eggs from Konditor and Cook. They have crispy sugar shells and soft hazelnutty chocolate inside.