Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Little flowers, points and toms.

1. Spotting some tiny dark pink blossoms on the hedge between the office carpark and the hospital next door.

2. Loyalty schemes that yield their goodies with a minimum of fuss. Boots is specially good - at four to the pound, points accumulate pretty quickly and you can use them at the till to pay for your shopping without fannying around with vouchers and customer service desks. Hurrah. And they never send me any junk mail.

3. As I cut up a few tomatoes for supper, the smell made me think of summer. They smelt like proper tomatoes, not the poor watery things that come from the supermarket. The man who sold them to me - they are grown on an organic tomato farm on the Isle of Wight - said 'It's the earliest season in living memory.'