Saturday, August 19, 2006

Zap, pizza and inspiration.

1. Sarah, our admin assistant is leaving to do some studying. When someone leaves, it makes us talk about the things we like about them. Oli and I decided that it was her sharp wit -- particularly her lightning put-downs of cheeky men, as well as her efficiency and ability to pick things up quickly.

2. The wonders of pizza. It goes in the oven. It comes out of the oven. Then I eat it.

3. Andy has come upstairs to help me finish a secret surprise for Fenella. I am polishing the proofs, and he is writing a poem. We talk a bit while we wait for his ideas to settle. I like best the moment when he goes quiet and all I can hear is scribbling. And next best I like the moment when he rather shyly announces: 'OK, it's called A poem about Fenella'.