Sunday, August 13, 2006

Zone, paintwork and let me buy you a drink.

1. The way noise and clatter in coffee shops gets screened out when I am scribbling.

2. The shining brightness of my window frame after it's been painted by Katie, and the cleaness of the hall in its new decorating.

3. Lou and I were chatting at the bar in the George when an oldish ginger man came up and started talking to us. We talked to him and his friend for a bit and then weasled ourselves out of a trip to Dav's with them, claiming that we were meeting friends in the Grapevine. Thinking that they wouldn't follow us there because they would think we were lying, we went there and drank martinis -- Lou from what was probably the last martini glass in the whole of Tunbridge Wells. And then I spotted a man looking at me. When I smiled, he came over and introduced himself. Wow. I know lots of women find it annoying being randomly approached, and knock the guy back with a sharp line, or just ignore it. But for me boldness is much appreciated in a fella, specially if he has something interesting to say.