Thursday, August 03, 2006

Lives of bees, beans and a lesson.

1. Watching bees. The fuchsia bush outside Oli's was covered in flowers -- and bees. Rather than trying to poke around inside, they were going for the tops of the flowers near the stalk. I looked closely and saw that the flower had been scrapped and nibbled there so the bees could reach the nectar easily. It seemed a bit hard on the fuchsia, which would be missing out on pollination; but then I saw that the bees went out of their way to rub against the dangling stamens before going for the nectar. I wondered if this was because they forgot each time where the nectar was and automatically went for the usual place -- you know how it is with a mechanical task... or perhaps they want the pollen, too.

If you would like an idea of what a fuchsia looks like, try this BBC page.

2. Beans on toast for lunch.

3. I missed a week of yoga, and I really felt it last night when I went again, especially now the weather is cooler. Poses that I achieved easily last time failed completely. It made me realise that it is worth going to the classes -- I will remember this next time I get the 'can't be bothereds'.