Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Over there, passing the time and black teeth.

1. Surveying an unappetising pile of service station cakes (you know the drill -- dry and floppy Danish pastries, croissants that disintegrate into a snow storm of flakes, eccles cakes that look like they are stuffed with dead flies, stale donuts covered in icing sugar) and then turning round to see three trays of freshly baked muffins.

2. Oli describing a car journey from the West Country to London he made with one of my uni housemates. Ben started everyone African chanting -- cause hysterical laughter for the entire 4-hour journey. 'It just went on and on,' said Oli. Ben used to occasionally let out a made-up African chant around the house if he was especially happy.

3. Finding Dutch salt licorice on sale in Tunbridge Wells.