Thursday, October 12, 2006

Behind the scenes, noises and chores done.

Thank you to all the commenters and emailers for letting me know what you think of 3BT. Lots of you have said you are inspired -- I feel inspired, too, knowing I'm pleasing so many people. To all those who asked if they can link, please do! I am a bit behind with the Roll of Honour (see right) but I'm doing a few links each day, and it will be ready soon.

1. Following my flight of fancy about the woods being covered in fog because They were getting them ready for autumn, Douglas said that it was because They were resetting all the spring bulbs now so they wouldn't have to do it in a huge rush at the end of winter.

2. Katie appears with an enormous parcel. I can't guess what it is, but when I get through the tape, I discover that she has acquired (somehow) a set of speakers for my computer so that my radio doesn't sound tinny.

3. When all the washing up is stacked up in the drying rack and I am free to flollop down in front of the TV.