Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Sounds, red and green and clean washing.

1. Listening to Oli's songs on the car stereo on the way into work. He recorded himself playing and singing all the parts on 8-track over the weekend. It's a very strange effect to hear him harmonising with himself and playing two sorts of guitar. I wonder what the other band members of Oli and 8-tracks would be like. I imagine a sort of Jekyll, Jekyll, Hyde and Hyde scenario where he slips between band members, and has to get each one out of trouble.

2. The crimson of ruby chard and the green of runner beans in the stir fry that I cook for me and Katie.

3. The softness of my knitted coat when it has been washed and rinsed in fabric conditioner. And I love how light it feels when the water has been spun out of it in the washing machine.