Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Scrunch, peace at last and smirk.

The wedding post is now up.

In other news, I have had another Postcrossing card including Three Beautiful Things. Nettie says: 1. My son; 2. Where I live; 3. A surprise visit from my brother and sister-in-law.

1. The layer of acorns on the ground in the car park.

2. Finally getting a go with some of my new books (see Friday's entry about the Amazon parcel). Flight 3 -- short comics with a link to flying, including a softly-coloured fable about a rebel cloud; and a Calvin and Hobbes-ish girl and her dragon holding a tea party; and a girl and a fairy hunting through the woods for a wicked bear. I liked the stories because they are so short that they leave open heaps of possibilities. The other book was Vimanarama, which I know I'm going to like because the first pages see the hero racing to the rescue on his bike while a Bollywood chorus line dances around him.

3. He who shall not be named smiling secretly about something. He claims it is because I'm in a bad mood with slowness of the website and must be cheered up.