Monday, October 09, 2006

White hart, naughty dogs and siblings.

The comments are still coming -- thank you everyone.

1. Louise wakes me at 7am to peer out of her bathroom window at a white hart standing the end of the field. If I hadn't been so sleepy, we might have followed it through the woods to an adventure with knights and pavillions and jousting and falcons.

2. Hearing that Louise's naughty little dog Minty has recently been in a bit of trouble for burying her bone upstairs under the pillow of the spare bed.

3. My brother's latest scheme to get a mention in Three Beautiful Things. He asked our sister Rosey if she would tell me that he had died -- which, he thought, might earn him a special tribute -- and then a few days later, tell me that he had miraculously survived -- which I would consider a beautiful thing, too, apparently. But just to show him, the beautiful thing about all this was Rose phoning me for a chat, during which she brought this up.