Friday, February 09, 2007

Eggs for breakfast, diamonds and standing on the shoulders of giants.

Hallo Courier readers. Thanks for dropping by, and I hope some of you stick around, or even share your own beautiful things.

To everyone else -- I was interviewed last week by the local paper, and it came out today. There's a 2-column pic of me 'in my office' -- I'm at work, really, but it makes it sound like it's the HQ of The Three Beautiful Things Company. It's a good piece of work -- the reporter really got hold of the idea of 3BT. Follow this link to see a copy of the story.

1. Katie bringing our scrambled eggs into my room so we can eat breakfast together while I take a brief screen break.

2. Watching sparkling drops of water forming as the snow melts on the lime tree outside my window.

3. A little boy being lifted up by his grandfather so he can see the garden on the other side of the fence.