Wednesday, February 14, 2007

He's a baby, herbs and romance.

1. Douglas has shaved his head and looks like a large baby.

2. On Monday my parents bought us a bag of bayleaves and rosemary. I wreathe the bayleaves over the mirror so they can dry out. I add bayleaf to most of my meat dishes almost unconsciously but I don't notice the spicy, resiny taste except by its absence if I forget to add one. I won't deal with the rosemary until our veggie box comes on Thursday. It'll include apples in a paper bag that I can put the rosemary in while it dries. That way, the needles don't shed everywhere.

3. Oli saying that although he hadn't got a Valentine's card for his wife yet, he had written her a song. Oli told us on Monday that he is going to be a father, which caused much celebration in the office. We called people in so we could watch him telling them.

PS: The idea of gratitude journals comes up quite often in the comments, so some of you might be interested in what Dr Michelle Tempest's post about feeling and expressing gratitude.