Friday, April 13, 2007

Divine retribution, gods of shopping and aubergines.

1. As we pull out of Oli's drive to turn right, a speeding BMW forces Oli to brake suddenly. We pull out after him -- just in time to see the speed camera flash. We feel good. We feel better when we crest the hill and see him stuck behind a slow bus. He overtakes (dangerously) only to find himself crawling up the hill behind a truck carrying gas cylinders. We pootle along behind him all the way to work. I make faces for him to see in his rear view mirror, and Oli makes lewd speculations about how he likes someone being right up his bum for a change.

2. The miraculous finding of a bag that picks up all the colours (pink, coral, oyster, midnight blue and powder blue) in my new dress. The bag was in a different shop, and (so the counter lady told me) is by a designer not known for her us of bold colours. It was also the last one out.

4. The smell of a moussaka bubbling in the oven.