Sunday, June 20, 2010

Email, needlebook and turn-up for the books.

1. I get an email from Nick's niece, with pictures of our great nephews -- one of them is very new, so we haven't seen him before, and I'm really pleased to hear from the other recent mother in the family.

2. Nick's mother comes round bringing a birthday present: she bought me a needlecase (with a pair of bird scissors, and some pearl-headed pins), but decided that it didn't have enough pages; so she made me one from felt in various blushing shades of pink. She's tucked a packet of crewel needles inside, too. "They're older than Nicholas," she says.

3. A couple of days ago, I sent a list of books that have influenced the 3BT philosophy to the lady who is organising my session at the Oxfam bookfest. She emails to say that several of them have turned up in donation boxes this week.

PS: In case anyone missed the news -- on Saturday 3 July from noon till 3pm, I'll be at the Oxfam bookshop, Chapel Place, Tunbridge Wells helping out and talking with customers about the beautiful things in their lives. Please come along and say hi -- I'm always glad to put faces to user ids!

PPS: For those that are interested, I put the list of books in the 3BT Amazon shop.