Sunday, June 06, 2010

Wedding earrings, what are the chances and the storm.

Plutarch is writing about swifts, too. They are late this year -- the same winds that blew the volcano ash south have been holding up our migrants who were trying to fly north.

And Ruth (as she says in the comment on yesterday's post) has started 3BTing again.

1. We run into a neighbour while shopping. "I'm choosing wedding earrings," she says.

2. "I was just thinking that very same thing," says Nick. I've been reading Struck by Lightning: the Curious World of Probabilities, which suggests that such occurrences can be explained away easily if you go back through the thought chain that led to the remark. We examine our chains -- but we didn't follow the same path at all.

3. To be woken in the night by heavy rain.