Monday, June 14, 2010

Hair, back in bed and to the recyling.

To continue the theme of exciting news, Oxfam Bookfest is coming to Tunbridge Wells. I've been invited by our lovely Oxfam bookshop to spend a couple of hours at the shop helping out and chatting with customers about 3BT and about some of my favourite books. If you are in the area on July 3 from noon until 3pm, do come along and say hi. The following week (July 11 from 2pm to 4pm) science fiction author Stephen Baxter (he should be very familiar to anyone who reads Interzone) will be in -- illustrious company or what!

1. She's still getting the hang of sitting down and standing up, so she tends to land on her nappy with a bump. Her fine blonde hair floats down more slowly.

2. While Nick is in the bathroom, I like to lie quite still in bed and think of Baby Badger cupped safe in the red dark, and through the window watch the limp cupressus branches twisting and shaking.

3. I feel sad to be taking my broken down winter boots to the recycling. They were so smart when I bought them in 2006 -- Nick polished them each week to keep them supple and waterproof -- and they've faithfully walked so many miles with me. Still -- the soles leak, and they will not do for another winter. I've tucked some money away for new ones in the autumn.