Friday, June 25, 2010

A prize, the heartbeat and bath.

1. The white parcel propped against the door is four packets of crumbly fudge from Burnt Sugar, which I won in a competition on their newsletter. I was only expecting one packet, so four pleased me very much. I'm saving the ginger one for my dad (a late father's day present); and the plain one for my mother-in-law, who always brings us sweets. We've already had a go at the sea salt we're keeping that. Tell you what -- the fourth one (chocolate) is a prize for you lot. Write your own three beautiful things in the comments section of this post, and on Tuesday 29 July at 5pm Tunbridge Wells time, I will pick a winner.

2. At first, all we can hear are the sci-fi bumps and rushes of my own insides -- then the sound changes -- speeds up. But Baby Badger doesn't like being poked, and swims off after less than a minute. It's amazing that something the size of a large orange can bounce around inside me without me feeling a thing.

3. A steamy bathroom eases my stuffed-up head and a warm bath soothes my aching joints.

It's time for another sponsored post, courtesy of Ebuzzing -- it's going up later today.