Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Dance, I want to look and calming down.

1. The splashes of light and shadow on the hill make the checks on an old man's shirt dance.

2. 'Go that way,' says Alec pointing back the way we've come. 'I just want to look at something.'
There's ten minutes before his haircut so I indulge, wondering if this is a delaying tactic.
'Over there!' He points across the road. An empty building has a series of sculptures by local art students in the windows. 'Lift me up! I want to see.'

3. I just want everyone to stop crying. There is too much sound and fury for one kitchen. I walk out into the garden with Bettany on my shoulder -- in the open air I can work out what to do next. Bettany stops crying. Alec comes out, too, and gets distracted by his watering can.