Sunday, August 11, 2013

Whatever you like, treasure boxes and gold rings.

1. I am hungry all the time -- it takes a lot of calories to grow a newborn, and I'm nursing a greedy toddler on top of that. I often know I want something to eat, but don't fancy anything we have in the house (that's from years of treating snacking as a bad habit). Today I wander round the farmers' market and buy everything I fancy for lunch.

2. Nick and Alec have taken to rummaging through my boxes of costume jewellery at story time. Alec calls them 'treasure boxes' and takes a pirate's pleasure in the trinkets within. This evening he asks me to bring a particular box down. I stopped wearing jewellery when Alec was born because I couldn't bear the thought of metal things hurting him; and then he got too interested in shining, jingling things; and now I'm out of the habit. Looking through the box reminded me of how much pleasure jewellery gives me -- not just catching a glint or a flash of colour; but the stories behind the pieces, where they came from, when I wore them, who borrowed them, how I repaired them.

3. Alec holds my fingertips against his new fear of falling asleep in the dark. My wedding and engagement rings appear to glow.