Friday, August 16, 2013

Hallo Alec, games master and space for me.

1. When I drop Alec off at nursery the carer who meets us at the door goes down on one knee and greets him (rather than me). He gives her a big hug as if he's missed her all week.

2. Meredith comes bringing cupcakes... bringing her dice and a map of Darnassus. She had put together a special adventure just for me so that I could keep up my experience levels for our Tuesday Knights campaign.* My nightelf finds herself framed for murder and must do some sleuthing to clear her name.

3. The cosy space left for me between the mass of pillows I need for nursing, the gently snoring Alec and Bettany's cot.

Tim's account and Meredith's account of our adventures.