Thursday, August 08, 2013

Lying in, understanding and all out.

1. Nick takes Alec downstairs for early breakfast and leaves him in front of the TV to come and cuddle me. Afterwards he says that it was only for about ten minutes but I'm so sleepy that the time seems to stretch out luxuriously.

2. I feel rather shamed in front of all these other mothers because Alec won't obey me when I ask him to come downstairs and eat his lunch. I try to stop worrying and to slip into his world and into our parenting bubble -- only then can I understand that he feels overwhelmed by the crowd and the noise and activity in the kitchen. 'Let's take your bowl and sit in the garden.' He starts to walk downstairs.

3. A sleeping baby in the sling and a sleeping toddler in the pushchair. I feel as if I've won the lottery. I go home the long way to make sure as many people as possible can see my parenting skills.