Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Moon, a movement and friends.

1. The Rise of the Iron Moon has an autonomous Steammen kingdom. It has a cloaked highwayman of the marshes. It has a romantic novelist with symbiotic machines in her blood. It has a mystic computer in the centre of the planet. It has a blue-skinned slave on the run from his masters. It has a broken-down war hero who talks to his suitcase. It has a royalist prisoner trapped in a cruel industrial orphanage. And the action doesn't stop for a second.

2. A shut-up bedroom is still and hot. I shake the duvet out and the moving air cools my face.

3. She says her friend in the pink dressing gown had her birthday this week. "I got a piece of paper from one of the nurses and made her a card with a picture of us both our hospital beds."