Sunday, August 15, 2010

First to see, carrying the colours and tent mushroom.

1. Amy is first to spot the castle -- she has been hanging back to take photographs, and peers through a garden gate and round the round the side of a house.

2. We tell them that we've been down to ask the lady organising the tournament if any knights are actually harmed by the jousting. But really, we've arranged for the handsome French knight to carry the birthday girl's colours.

3. When the rain comes down, a pop-up tent springs up next to us. It's trembling because the occupants are giggling -- and then their dad dives in and they start shrieking. The rain gets harder, and their mother crawls in, too.

3ai. Rather incongruously (it's War of the Roses day) there's a man wearing Victorian tropical gear -- complete with pith helmet.

3a. Turning a few marshmallows over the remains of a barbecue.

4. We spot a shooting star, and I go to bed happy.