Friday, August 20, 2010

Juice, wriggling and end of the day.

I put another sponsored post up last night.

Courtney over at Wunderbug has sent me a link to her 3BT posts. I'll be adding her to the Roll of Honour shortly.

1. The carton of apple and boysenberry I've just opened is rather delicious -- I'm thinking of telling Nick to try some, but he's not a great drinker of fruit juice so perhaps it's kinder to keep quiet.

2. Baby Badger's 11am wriggle falls right in the middle of the meditation session -- it's hard to be serene with such a tangible reminder of the thing that makes me happiest. BB wriggles are fairly regular -- I worry if I don't notice a session. Perhaps BB worries about me when I lie still for too long, and gives a few kicks to check I'm still there.

3. A few chocolates and a good book.