Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Chat, in bed and sun trap.

A beautiful thing which I forgot to mention yesterday -- we watched a documentary in which Simon Armitage explored the story of King Arthur. It appears that the Glastonbury Cup (which might also be the Holy Grail) has ended up in an untidy terraced cottage, in the stewardship of a rather vague elderly lady, the last surviving member of the family to whom the relic was entrusted after the dissolution of the monasteries. Simon Armitage interviewed her with as much grace, patience and courtesy as if he had been Sir Galahad.

1. The lavender trimming continues. People stop and chat to you when you work in the front garden. They comment that theirs needs doing too; that they use shears, not secateurs; and that you can go right back to the wood if you want.

2. He brings back a copy of Gardener's World magazine "Because I like to see you reading it in bed."

3. There is a cool edge to the air -- but our sheltered back garden has warmed up, and it's very pleasant to sit out on kitchen chairs with our tea tray balanced on a box.