Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Mayonnaise, lying still and mulberry bush.

Nick and I have been tittering all evening about this Ivor the Engine episode which features "a cornucopia of amorous protestations" and Jones the Steam climbing a ladder and accidentally disturbing a lady in the bath.

1. To spoon home made mayonnaise into an old Bonne Maman jar.

2. My mother comes and hangs out with Alec. I go upstairs and lie down. I'm too keyed up to sleep, but by the end of the afternoon, I feel closer to 'still' than I have done in days. Then she brings a slice of cake, a cup of tea and Alec upstairs so we can both spend some time admiring his remarkable cleverness.

3. Alec has finally lost his earworm -- I've had enough Wheels on the Bus to last me a lifetime. He's now on to Here We Go Round The Mulberry Bush, which is useful because you can weave all sorts of personal grooming chores into it.