Wednesday, May 02, 2012

Toddler group, camel coat and kiss goodbye.

1a. We go to a different toddler group, on the recommendation of a friend. We arrive (late) just as she gets there.

1. Chicken carcasses for stock are free, it turns out. "You are doing me a favour," says Mr Speaight. "I have to pay to have these taken away."

2. He is wearing a camel-coloured coat and shoes with the colour and sheen of under-ripe horse chestnuts.

2b. We have had a bad nappy change and Alec stands before me naked except for his socks. He looks very pleased with himself, and his bottom is sore from teething so I let him loose. He spends quite a lot of time shaking his hips and giggling. When I ask him to "Come here and put a T-shirt on before our visitors arrive," he laughs and runs away.

3. "Kiss goodbye," says Caroline and Maggie offers her cheek to Alec. He doesn't really know what to make of it!