Sunday, May 06, 2012

Resting, rabbiting and disappointed.

1. I have a lie-in, and then after breakfast (once Alec is napping), a lie-down in the attic with Nick.

2. Nick: "Tell Mummy what we saw on the Common."
Alec: "Tst-tst-tst."
Nick: "That's right, we saw a rabbit."
How amazing is seeing the baby that you made demonstrate his understanding of a statement relating to an event in the past?

3. "...and when we came in he went straight into the kitchen because he thought you'd be there. He was so disappointed when you weren't, but then luckily I saw you coming up the road and opened the door."
Although I do think, from the way Alec is pointing at the biscuit tin, that he wanted a biscuit rather than his mother.