Saturday, May 19, 2012

Pat, knowing and nutrition.

1. Nana shows Alec how to pat Jimmy the dog - very gently - on the head.

2. I wave at a university friend on the crossing, pass on to Nick a whisper of information about another person and greet a mother from nursery. Later an acquaintance recognises me across the street -- and so does the woman she's chatting with. Nick says: "Do you know everybody in this town?"

3. Nick's nutritionist reels off a list of what he can and can't eat. I'm dismayed at the thought of planning meals around these restrictions -- and by the complexity of the routine, with its supplements and powders all to be taken at different times and in different ways. But it's only for a few  months, and it will be worth it, as we can't go on the way things are. We talked it over and over until I was not afraid to ask for the help I needed..