Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Youtoot, swimming costume and early call.

1. We are both ill and peevish, so I've been lazily letting Alec watch (vetted) videos of trains on Youtube. It's a godsend to be able to sit him down and know that (so long as the computer is out of reach ) he won't tinks anything. I particularly like this French one and this one of an emotional occasion on our local steam railway (Alec's absolute favourite, judging by the "toot-toot woo-woos" from his corner of the kitchen). Later I take him on my lap and we watch the classic GPO public information film about the Night Mail, which features a specially commissioned poem by WH Auden and music by Benjamin Britten.

2.  A parcel comes from Bravissimo -- it's in a box, and then wrapped in tissue paper. New swimming costume.

3. The driver bringing our supermarket delivery calls and politely asks if she can come early. Of course she can -- so we get our groceries put away with time to watch a bit of TV.