Thursday, May 24, 2012

Watering the garden, fruit and asleep at last.

1. Rather tentatively, because I don't like to mess with a routine that works, I add watering the garden to our morning tasks. The plants appreciate it, and I like the cool water splashing on my feet. Alec enjoys going round with his own little plastic can. He pours it straight on the ground, but better there than on my poor seedlings.

2. A bowl of pineapple and blueberries in the garden (apart from the bits that Alec chewed and then pressed into my mouth. I didn't like those much). Then he dips his hand in my water glass and paints my hot face. I do the same for him.

2b. Chloe's beautiful fat sausage arms.

3. The heat has put Alec in a funny mood. He finally falls asleep late in the afternoon, his face flushed and smelling of sun cream and his hair hot and crumpled. I know he will be up late this evening, but he's been fighting sleep all day, and I'm glad to see him at peace.