Friday, August 24, 2012

Asleep and far away, off the estate and go away.

1. I love the mornings when Alec is deeply asleep in a far corner of the bed so that Nick and I get a cuddle by ourselves.

2. I don't much like walking on the industrial estate because I feel so out-of-place. But what I do like is seeing, behind the gigantic car showrooms, a herd of cows on the edge of the countryside. And a man walking towards me stoops to pick a handful of blackberries. And on an empty plot, the seedheads of wild flowers tangled with undisturbed grasses in all their glorious varieties.

3. I am in an almost-empty cafe catching up with my reading when I see someone I know casting round for a place to sit. I focus extra hard on the screen and imagine a double-strength go-away bubble around myself. Their gaze slides over me, and they walk on by.