Thursday, August 09, 2012

Forget-me-not, tea and Dracula.

1. There is a new sort of forget-me-not in my flower bed. It has the usual humdrum sky-blue petals, but no butter yellow centre. The effect is startling. (I don't really think forget-me-nots are humdrum. No flower is, apart from maybe 24-hour garage crysanths and carnations.)

2. Nick takes us all out to tea, because I told him that every time we pass a particular cafe, Alec says: "Bic-bic!"

3. I am really getting into Dracula, it's thrill-a-minute, with some brilliant characters. I read late into the night in order to get my allotted pages done -- but I'm glad that Alec is there to look after me once I turn out the light.

PS: Here's something for Auntarctica fans. It's the Rothera's contribution to an all-Antarctica film festival.