Saturday, August 04, 2012

Rowan, fried egg and Alice in colour.

1. To show Alec (again) the scarlet rowan berries on the tree outside his nursery. In the backpack, he is just at the right height to pat the clusters and exclaim at the contrast with the grey-green leaves.*

2. I love a fried egg with a lacy golden edge.

3. I've been reading Alice in Wonderland for this course (and very much enjoying reading it slowly and in detail). I've been fascinated for a few weeks now in the way we describe colour so I thought I'd try to visualise the colours of Alice. I raided Flickr to create a sort of photo-collage, and I made use of this little colour search tool. It was quite a work, and I'm glad to have finished it.
Alice Flickr Gallery 1
Alice Flickr Gallery 2
Alice Flickr Gallery 3

* I carry a red-green colour-blindness gene, so there is a fifty per cent chance that Alec is colour-blind. I'm always interested to see what he does with colours.