Sunday, August 12, 2012

Starting out, view from the window and greetings.

1. To set off on a grand day out: all the train timetable checking and the sunhat finding and snack picking and bottle filling and window closing and door locking.

2. We realise that there is no way of arranging our table so the high chair is not in the waitresses' way, so we move across the room. Alec immediately starts up with great excitement: "Toot! Toot-toot!" Through the open window he can see the little train that took his fancy in the amusement park.

3. As we pass the open back door of a laundry, someone shouts to us "Hallo". "
We call back, and then someone else said "Buongiorno."
As we pass, I hear someone with a strong accent say: "What beautiful language. In English?".
"Awright mate!"
And a chorus of rainbow-coloured "Awright mates" follows us down the alley.