Monday, August 13, 2012

Mementos, where's Alec and closing ceremony.

1. In Fiona's bathroom is the front page that I helped make for her when she left the Courier back in the early 2000s. She was, of all of us juniors, the highest flyer: the page jokes about her quickness and the way she flings open the door to opportunity before it even has the chance to knock. Later, she shows me photos of us all at her leaving do. We look like people from another world, staring out from behind outdated specs, with outdated clothes and outdated hopes and dreams. I'm amazed and touched that she kept mementos of this short time.

2. There is a moment when I realise that I've been chatting and I haven't seen Alec for a while. All the children are crammed into the wendy house: when I look in that direction, I see his face at the window. I catch his eye, and he waves happily.

3. In the Olympic closing ceremony, the moment we realised that the human cannonball was... Eric Idle. And the skating nuns.