Monday, June 09, 2014

Both working, want toast and showing love.

Here is Westwardfive's take on Three Beautiful Things, Seven Secret Smiles. I like the remark on the 'welcome' page about the blog acting as a memory bank.

1. To work in the front garden while Bettany climbs in and out of the front door. She is standing by herself now, and very pleased about it. She pushes herself up, waves her arms around making 'Eeee-eee-eee' sounds and then plops back down again.

2. Bettany reaches up for a bite of my toast, smacking her lips to let me know she thinks I should share with her.

3. When I put the milk bottles out I notice that some creature has pooed in the front garden. 'I'll deal with it,' says Nick, looking round for a plastic bag, 'because I know you hate doing it.'
Romance comes in so many forms.