Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Swap, not interested and exit.

1. 'You be the norglet and I will be the mummy,' says Alec.
I enjoy a fine fifteen minutes demanding forbidden snacks, whining and asking to use the pot at awkward moments.

2. We are reading Darth Vader and Son and we come to the page that refers to the Han-shot-first-Greedo-shot-first schism. I start explaining it to Alec and he stops me: 'Why are you telling me this?' He's quite happy to get his jollies from identifying with the four-year-old hero.

3. I am stuck under an Alec who is just at the point of dozing off when I notice Bettany looking speculatively over the edge of the bed. She turns round, reverses herself off and drops the floor. The next thing I hear is a self-satisfied giggle and the plat-plat-plat of her crawling off on to the landing. I would not have been surprised to hear her whistling The Great Escape theme tune.