Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Incorrect, no bigger than a 50p and climber.

1. I have a quiet laugh at Alec playing with a pirate ship: "Ha ha, me timbers!" and later on when he tells me that he is a "bolagneer, you know, who climbs mountains." (No, I've got no idea, either).

2. As we are getting ready to leave the hairdressers a customer walks in off the street to ask about re-colouring her hair to cover a dark patch on her crown. "You know me, I'm honest," says the hairdresser. "I love the colour and I wouldn't touch it if I were you, not for that little patch. I'll do it, but I'd be charging you £60 and it's no bigger than a 50p."

3. The children are busy climbing the banks in the park. I lie on my back and look at the sky (until I realise that Bettany will soon be so high up that I won't be able to retrieve her. She looks rather horrid when she climbs, I'm sorry to say, something like Gollum, though she is very efficient).