Friday, June 27, 2014

Seeds, scientist and furious child.

1. Across the bare soil in this pot there is a fuzz of green: Nana's charity flower seeds are coming up. Other pots are further along: here is a packet of Abel and Cole's bee seeds; there a birthday card or a soap label that boldly claimed it had viable seeds pressed into the paper.

1b. Lately Alec has been asking questions when things go wrong between us. I appreciate the chance to examine and explain myself and to hear that things are OK between us again; and I marvel at the easy, fearless way he forgives and moves on. I would love to preserve that, to save it for his future friends and family.

2. At the end of nursery they report that the children asked to do science so they let them loose in the kitchen to make a mess with flour and jelly. Apparently Alec shouted "Let the science begin!"

3. I startle up from the sofa when I hear a furious child crying, but it isn't one of ours, it's somewhere in the evening outside.