Thursday, September 07, 2006

To Russia with love, Chrysanthemum Throne and toadstools.

1. A couple from Newbury wrote to the family of a Russian prisoner in 1971. The story on BBC News, told by one of the Russian children, is heartwarming, and the comments from readers at the end are fantastic too. Several readers admitted they were typing with tears rolling down their faces; and one lady knew the couple in question. It makes a lovely change from the usual gloom and doom that fills the BBC message board.

So... your mission for today: go on the BBC Have Your Say and write one happy comment about something. Then report back with a link to the story and the name that you filed your comment under. All responders -- whether they are published or not -- will go on a role of honour to be published this Saturday. And if you feel energetic, your second mission is to go to the Amnesty International site, choose a campaign and write a letter.

2. Princess Kiko of Japan has produced the first male heir to the Chrysanthemum throne (what a splendid phrase) in forty years. Firstly, congratulations. And secondly, what a beautiful response from politician Shinzo Abe: "It feels refreshing like the clear skies of autumn."

3. Mushrooms starting to appear under the hedges.